Viacord Cord Blood Banking

Like most of you who found your way to this website, I started out researching cord blood banking companies while preparing for the birth of my child. Viacord is seemly on every list of cord blood banks that can be found on the Internet and appear to be an industry leader. If you choose to bank your baby’s cord blood with Viacord, I do not think that you will be disappointed.

I do, however, recommend that you at least research other cord blood banks before deciding on Viacord. The private cord blood bank industry seems to be exploding. So, competitors who wish to gain some market share will obviously have to prove that they can provide the same trusted service as Viacord but at a better rate. Even with the Viacord coupon codes below taken into account, I imagine other cord blood banks can beat their rates.

But… If you just want to be sure of a safe bet, Viacord is a good choice. Below is a current list of all the Viacord coupon codes that we know of. If any of these don’t work for you or if you have one that we don’t have listed here: please contact us with the information.

Viacord Coupon Codes
M0711 – $250 Off
MM-23 – $225 Off

You should also ask your doctor if they have a coupon code. We have heard of people getting discounts of up to $500 through their OB.

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